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The new invention Ramasureguard, is so cleverly designed ,that it can be manufactured without use of heavy machinery. Hence unlike as in the case of manufacture of diapers, very little investment is required towards machines for manufacture. The production process is very simple and unskilled workers can be trained in a single day in the factory ,to produce Ramasureguard.

The materials required for manufacture of Ramasureguard , cost much less compared to diapers. Production cost of Ramasureguard is less than half of other diapers .

RAMASUREGUARD can be sold as the World’s cheapest adult diaper for men and women.

Exclusive License for manufacture of Ramasureguard is now available ,for large companies, who can set up the facility to manufacture , sell, and deliver a minimum of 1 million Ramasureguard devices in a year.

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