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The New Invention


Inventor of Ramasureguard is Indian engineer Narayanan Ramachandran who is an award winner inventor, with several patents and years of research and development work experience. He designed many innovative products like Shaft kiln cement plant, Noduliser, Rama wheelchair, Rice cooker and others. He won Award for the BLACKMEAL process invented by him.

  • Inventor Ramachandran speaks about his first experience of incontinence.                    “Two years back ,In the middle of night, I woke up with a strong urge to urinate, but could not get to the toilet in time. The bed was wet, my clothes were wet and urine was flowing over my legs which covered all over the bedroom carpet. I could not believe that I could not control the flow of my urine, which was a shock for me.Involuntary urine leak can cause great embarrassment ,shame, and fear and can shatter self confidence of adult men and women. It can badly affect the quality of their life .Many men with urinary incontinence , are scared to leave their homes, as they are afraid of the leak in public places. That night motivated me to search for a new solution to the problem which is experienced by 13 million people all over the world, who suffer from incontinence. ” At present, people with incontinence use diapers available in shops, to prevent leakage. With improved technology, the absorbing capacity of diapers has vastly improved. But there are still several problems faced by the user, today. 
  • 1.Adult diapers - available in shops , are bulky and heavy. Many people refuse to wear diaper because they are big , heavy weight ,and not comfortable to wear.
  • 2.Changing of diapers is tedious and difficult ,and cannot be done discreetly in public restrooms.

  • 3. Urine leakage from diapers occurs, for users who are leading an active life.
  • 4.Diapers can cause diaper rash and skin diseases to people with sensitive skin .
  • 5.Adult diapers which are required in large numbers for daily use, are very costly . Many people do not buy them because they cannot afford to pay the high prices.

The innovative design of Ramasureguard makes it much smaller, thinner and more comfortable to wear. Ramasureguard will cost less than half of adult diapers available in shops, and is affordable for daily use. The amazing design of Ramasureguard makes it leak proof, and eliminates the possibility of diaper rash and skin diseases.

Leak proof device

 All diapers available, are constructed essentially with 3 different layers. The inner layer touching the body of user is hydrophilic and urine passes through this layer to flow into the middle layer of absorbent pad. Urine is prevented from flowing out of the diaper by the watertight outer layer. Often the inner layer gets damp. The body of the user will then be pressing against this wet layer for a long time, and apart from discomfort , it may also cause diaper rash and other skin diseases .This problem is solved by the innovative design of Ramasureguard which ensures that there is no possibility of wet surface touching the skin of user.

Protection from skin irritation

It happens that adult diapers now used by adults who lead an active life, leak sometimes ,due to vigorous body movement and during exercise .Many people get diaper rash caused by friction when sensitive skin is rubbed by wet diapers. Diapers can also cause secondary fungal or yeast infection called candida. To prevent leak and ensure dryness , diaper manufacturers use many costly processes, like gel technology ,and protective lotion and essential oils. The skin problem is still experienced by many adults who wear diapers.

As Ramasureguard gives full protection fom leak, adults with sensitive skin can safely wear Ramasureguard without fear of skin irritation and diseases.

World’s smallest diaper.

Ramasureguard is so small that it can be held within the palm of a hand.


World’s cheapest diaper

Diapers now available in shops are very costly due to high production cost. The clever new design of Ramasureguard makes it possible to produce them at a very low cost. The low price of Ramasureguard will be a welcome change to old people with limited finances , especially in developing countries.

Ramasureguard for women

The problem of adult incontinence is not for men alone. 30 percent of women in the U.S. suffer from urinary incontinence, according to the Urology Care Foundation. Adult women comprise almost two-third of incontinence patients due to menopause and stress. Many women are not comfortable to wear adult diapers available in shops, because they find them ill fitting, too thick, too big, too heavy, too broad,and too costly. Women hate the demeaning big bulge of diapers visible in their dresses.

Ramasureguard for women , with high aesthetical and visual appeal is light , thin, discreet and pretty as the inventor says ”It has sex appeal too.” Ramasureguard gives comfort and dignity to women. They are leak proof, protect against skin rash, and best of all, very economical for daily use.